Rockin the Cloud Interview - Interview Questions and Answers
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Rockin the Cloud Interview - 2017 Edition

An Overview of Cloud Computing Concepts and Vernacular
The Top Cloud Computing and Microsoft Azure Questions Asked In Technical Interviews And Exams
Part of the "Rockin Interview Series"
PDF, Paperbook, Kindle Editions - Updated October 1st, 2016
by Greg Unger (Author)
Reviews: 5 Stars Reviewed 112
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Never be stuck not knowing the answer in an interview! This book will get you prepared! Never get turned down again because you didn't know the answer to a technical question. Even the more advanced Cloud Computing concepts are in this book.

The job market is tough and the competition has never been greater. It is necessary to stay ahead of the game and make sure you go into interviews prepared. You don't have time to waste to get the job of your dreams. 99% of candidates fail because they don't remember specifics. This book will give you the edge you need to put yourself above the rest. Interviewers are looking for people who know their profession inside and out. Here is your chance to shine.

You aren't getting the job unless you know what's in this book!

Written by one of the leading career experts and bestselling author of the Master Programmers Rockin Interview series. The series that encourages every job-hunter to think on your feet and express your individuality while supplying ideal responses to interview questions so that you're seen as the ideal candidate for the job.

  • The Ultimate Cloud Computing Question And Answer Quick Cheatsheet.
  • Microsoft Azure specific Cloud Computing Questions and Answers.


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